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Who We Are

The following are the founders and staff of the Depot Inn & Suites and Silver Rails Resort venture:

  • Tom Marshall, President, Silver Rails Resort and Depot Inn & Suites
  • Kelly Marshall, Vice-President, Silver Rails Resort and Depot Inn & Suites
  • Stephen Grande, Founder, Silver Rails Resort
  • Barbara Cepinko, Founder, Silver Rails Resort
  • Ray Burns, Founder, Silver Rails Resort
  • Shivam Surve, Founder, Silver Rails Resort
  • Kenny Marshall, Founder, Silver Rails Resort
  • Matthew Melzer, Executive Director, Silver Rails Resort and Depot Inn & Suites
  • Brian Chuchua, Web Designer, Silver Rails Resort and Depot Inn & Suites
  • Richard Hyde, Technical Support, Silver Rails Resort and Depot Inn & Suites
  • Maria Snodgrass, Hotel Manager, Depot Inn & Suites
  • Shelli Tucker, Tour Operations, Depot Inn & Suites
Affiliated Services:
  • Carole Walker, Bella Vista Travel, Complete Depot Inn & Suites Travel Arrangements
  • Bob Cox, Curator & Manager, APRHF Silver Rails Gallery / Silver Rails Shop / Silver Rails Memorial Library
  • Amy Cox, Planner & Coordinator, APRHF Silver Rails Event Center
  • Ken Barret, Artist in Residence, Silver Rails Gallery
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Depot Inn & Suites
1245 N. Brown St., La Plata, MO 63549
Hotel Reservations Only: 888-814-3669 / 660-332-4669
Complete Travel Arrangements: 877-459-5900 / 660-616-4870
(Map & GPS Location: State Highway D & Amoco Rd, La Plata, MO)