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Credits & Photo Sales

The following photographers have been very supportive of the Depot Inn & Suites, the Silver Rails Resort, and all the railroad themed ventures in La Plata. They offer La Plata photographs and postcards as well as other photographs and other railroad themed items for purchase. Please visit their websites by clicking on the below links.

The Depot Inn & Suites and Silver Rails Resort venture also wishes to thank the following people. You will find photographs, travelogues, reports, video and music contributed by these people throughout our web pages. Please visit each of their websites by clicking on the below links:

In addition, the Depot Inn & Suites and Silver Rails Resort venture would like to thank the following people for both their past and their continuing efforts:

  • Ray Ivy, La Plata City Administrator
  • Larry Heron, Former La Plata Mayor
  • Richard Hyde, Technical Support
  • Maria Snodgrass, Depot Inn & Suites Hotel Manager
  • Carole Walker, Bella Vista Travel, Complete Depot Inn & Suites Travel Arrangements
I apologize in advance if I have forgotten to include anyone. Please send email to me if you notice any omissions in the above list.
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